Picnic and flowers with books

Romance readers deserve an escape. We’ll make it a page-turner.

The Frenchy Press is a boutique indie publisher of romance fiction. We’re the new kid on the block, developing stories across multiple romance subgenres. Our stories reflect the average romance novel readers and pull no punches with kink.

We uplift fellow “seasoned” millennials, single moms, divorc√©es, and PTA parents approaching their middle years while holding space for twenty-somethings navigating love and life.

We don’t strive to be inclusive of voices of color because we set the table. Our leadership is Black. Our upcoming releases feature a Black author, and our stories center Black and brown love.

From contemporary to rom-com, with a sprinkle of sports and suspense, our stories are flirty, arouse the senses, and end happily ever after. The Frenchy Press will build a catalog of diverse romance novels that provide an escape for the everyday reader who desires love and seduction.

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