Tanvier Peart Romance Author

Tanvier Peart is President and CEO of Frenchy Press. Though new to the book publishing world, she is no stranger to good stories and the digital media industry. For 12 years, Tanvier dedicated her life to freelance reporting for several outlets, including Essence.com, MadameNoire, SheKnows, and other brands. In addition, she ran a successful home and living blog before pivoting to join CafeMom, a top online destination for mothers. Managing day-to-day operations as a deputy editor, Tanvier has a wealth of experience curating and packaging stories in a way that resonates with readers.

She traded in her romance novel V-card in 2020 with Meagan March’s “Ruthless King” and hasn’t looked back since. With a healthy obsession for kinky tales with a happy ending, Tanvier decided to translate her imagination to paper with her own romance books by launching Frenchy Press as her springboard. Her goal is to produce many stories and establish a path to publishing more books—especially from fellow BIPOC romance authors.

Author Bio

Tanvier Peart is an elderly millennial and lover of snacks and happily ever afters from Baltimore who now calls the Buffalo area home. She has a healthy obsession for spicy tales, with her debut novel—the first in a romance series—on the way. Tanvier is a kinky wife and PTA mom you can catch fantasizing in Target aisles or enjoying one too many barre classes.

For more information about Tanvier, visit her website at www.tanvierpeart.com